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‘Bright futures’ – supporting students

Masicorp offer both financial and mentoring support to students from Masiphumelele who wish to undertake courses at local universities/colleges. Starting from just three students in 2009 we have supported over 50 students with their studies. We currently have 19 students enrolled on degree courses ranging from Accounting to Biotechnology. Masicorp help find accommodation for student residences and provide a bursary that covers the costs of accommodation and daily living. Masicorp also provide an allowance for books and stationery and give each student a laptop.

Masicorp also recognise that students moving out of the township and into the city will also need emotional support and guidance. Each student is allocated a mentor from our pool of volunteers who stays in regular contact with their student and is encouraged to meet them regularly. Where possible Masicorp allocate mentors with appropriate subject experience but the scheme’s primary aim is to provide the student with a first point of contact should they experience any problems living away from home.

Loyiso with his proud mother Zoleka (BA in Tourism from the University of the Western Cape)

Each student is appraised at the end of every semester and we arrange several social events throughout the academic year. By carefully monitoring and managing the students’ experiences Masicorp maximise their chances of success. The first-year dropout rate at South African universities is alarmingly high and this is especially true for students from severely disadvantaged backgrounds.

Masicorp's Bursary Scheme

Students on Masicorp bursaries are more than twice as likely as other South African students to complete their courses. full details

Masicorp Bursary Programme Alumni Association (MBPAA)

In 2015 an alumni association was established for all of the graduates in receipt of a Masicorp bursary. There are currently over twenty graduates in the MBPAA with more joining each year as students graduate. The association meets regularly and provides an opportunity to network with other graduates, Masicorp staff and volunteers, and other invited guests. Many of our alumni are now giving back to the bursary programme by volunteering as tutors and mentors for current students, or by assisting the bursary team with their newly acquired skills in areas such as accountancy and teaching. More